The year is 4665 in Nirmathas, and War isn’t the only problem

Nirmathas’s war with Molthune and Cheliax is in a lull at the moment. So the recent death of one of Skelt’s more prominent war mage’s is a bit of a shock.

(Sept. 2014)

And here we go again!

After a longer than planned hiatus, the campaign is back on! Some new characters will join the party. The First session will be January 10th!

(December 2015)


1) Arlantia: (Fey) The Pheonix Grove is in its infancy and under the care of Alhi. Despite the destruction of the three sisters, and their shamblers, the darkblight and Arlantia are still a danger to the Fangwood.

2) Arazni: (Undead) Arazni is out to retrieve and destroy her four organs preserved in the Bloodstones. Now that one is in the care of the party, her denizens hunt them. It’s a race to acquire the other three.

Ghuzmaar was one of Arazni’s graveknights; in a special ceremony, the party managed to destroy the armor acting as a phylactery for him.

3) The Whispering Way: (Necromancers/Undead) The cult devoted to the Whispering Tyrant wants the Bloodstones of his former enemy in some attempt to bring him back to the world.

4) Anaphexia: (Humanoid) This secret organization of assassins search for rare items to add to their collection, and will stop at nothing – and spare no one – to get what they’re after; they realize the power of the Bloodstones, and are pursuing them as well.

5) Bloodfists (Orc) A clan of orcs has massed a large scale attack on Lastwall. Vigil is under siege, and the scouting parties are as deep as Three Pines.