The year is 4665 in Nirmathas, and War isn’t the only problem

Nirmathas’s war with Molthune and Cheliax is in a lull at the moment. So the recent death of one of Skelt’s more prominent war mage’s is a bit of a shock.

(Sept. 2014)

And here we go again!

After a longer than planned hiatus, the campaign is back on! Some new characters will join the party. The First session will be January 10th!

(December 2015)

Season 3!

The pause after finding the Bloodfists is over, and now we return to the table. The Barabus’s orcs are close to completing their goals, but the party is finally headed their way.

(January 2017)

Season 4!

Martuph has been found, and the Whispering Way’s siege of Caliphas is broken. The party currently has one of Arazni’s Graveknights with them, now they know that the third Bloodstone is in the hands of an Azlanti Lich. They now must figure out how to defeat Ixolander, and it may involve infiltrating the stronghold of the Anaphexia.

(January 2018)


1) Arlantia: (Fey) The Pheonix Grove is in its infancy and under the care of Alhi. Despite the destruction of the three sisters, and their shamblers, the darkblight and Arlantia are still a danger to the Fangwood.

2) Arazni: (Undead) Arazni is out to retrieve and destroy her four organs preserved in the Bloodstones. Now that one is in the care of the party, her denizens hunt them. It’s a race to acquire the other three.

Ghuzmaar was one of Arazni’s graveknights; in a special ceremony, the party managed to destroy the armor acting as a phylactery for him.

3) The Whispering Way: (Necromancers/Undead) The cult devoted to the Whispering Tyrant wants the Bloodstones of his former enemy in some attempt to bring him back to the world.

4) Anaphexia: (Humanoid) This secret organization of assassins search for rare items to add to their collection, and will stop at nothing – and spare no one – to get what they’re after; they realize the power of the Bloodstones, and are pursuing them as well.

5) Bloodfists (Orc) A clan of orcs has massed a large scale attack on Lastwall. Vigil is under siege, and the scouting parties are as deep as Three Pines. Now they’ve defeated the plans of a splinter group of the clan to bring darkness to the world, but must still stop the marching army.

Nirmathas Secrets

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