Nirmathas Secrets


Sessions 10 & 11

19 and 20 Rova 4665

The party followed the Bloodfists back to the settlement of Bloodspring.

Martuph was astonished by the absolutely terrible architecture and construction of the infantile orc city. The obvious inexperience, and ignorance of stonework shocked and dismayed him. It troubled him so much that he felt he must do something worried was against his judgement. He would teach orcs how to make things.

Tavius was also disturbed at the quality of the work, but amused at the concept. Had it not been Kromaz who started this city, he might be more accepting. Unfortunately his hatred of the orc and drive for personal vengeance was still nagging at him. He asked Faydra and Faeron if they’d hold his weapons so he wouldn’t be tempted to attack when they met him. Faydra was offended by this. Faeron collected his weapons.

Tesh scryed on Martuph to see what was going on. He also used spells to explain to Faeron the reasons for his departure. He promised to return if the party needed him, but for now he was going to do two things. Research Arazni more thoroughly, and draw her attention towards him, and away from the party for the time being.

Grem followed the party in amusement, and took mental notes of the things he heard from conversations.

The bloodfists brought the party to Kromaz’s building. Once inside, they found Kromaz talking to a few other orcs from another clan. Kromaz stopped his conversation upon seeing Faydra. His first response to her presence was the laughter of one who saw a scheme fulfilled. Then he stood, placed his hands on Faydra’s shoulders, and promptly headbutted her.

Once her head quit spinning, she demanded an explanation of her abandonment in the woods. As she expected, she was abandoned because Kromak, her brother, was born. Males were preferred, and Kromaz was challenged by Barabus for not sacrificing her to the gods, and feeding her to Kromak so that he’d become strong. Zharog reminded Kromaz of times when whelps who showed promise as shamans were left alone to develop their talents. Kromaz agreed, because it seemed less wasteful, and it would piss off Barabus.

Then, Kromaz stood, and said that it was time to feast. Since Faydra had returned with guests, she was responsible for them in the kitchen. He removed his armor, grabbed a bloody butchers apron, and a small cleaver, and ushered her to the back of the building. Faeron with with her, as the others were escorted to where food would be “served”.

The kitchen turned out to be a gladiator pit, Kromaz, Faydra, and Faeron were the entertainment for those in the stands. Several large animals the orcs now captured for food were released into the pit. The trio fought, killed, and quartered the animals, throwing parts to the people in the stands. Martuph and Grem were there to watch and eat the strange ritual of bloodsport and feasting.


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