Nirmathas Secrets

The road to Caliphas

Session 19

2 Lamashan

After the Mohrg encounter, Gremalkin decided he really needed to finish some of his personal projects to make him less vulnerable. Instead of trying to catch up to the already left party, he began searching local apothecaries and libraries for books, herbs, poisons, and exercise locations.

Faeron and Faydra
When Faeron and Faydra arrived at Vigil’s gate, they were met by Tristram Reis. He insisted on going with them, as he felt that even with their amazing talents, two people were not enough to travel the road to Caliphas alone.

It wasn’t long before he was proved right. Halfway through the first night, they were attacked by a group of ghoul bandits. Unlike is prior blunders, Tristram held himself well. They destroyed all the ghouls, including the rather sneaky one who’d attempted to escape via The Path River. Faydra used a lightning bolt spell to finish him. However, Faeron and Tristram were both in the water at the time. All survived, but after Faydra returned to her tent, Faeron and Tristram decided a late start the next day would be safer for all involved. Especially if it improved Faydra’s mood.

Martuph and Tessara Ilverazto

Martuph woke to his door opening. The woman who’d captured him, and tortured him for the last two days entered with a plate of food. Bread and meat, but when they were set in front of Martuph his stomach started to turn. Everything was old and spoiled. Tessara offered to feed him. “I realized that I haven’t been good to you. You need to eat now.”

The bread was only stale and hard. Martuph kept it down while she asked him questions.


After shrugging off the mohrg’s paralytic, I was surprised to find that this creature actually had a newly developed organ (barbed) designed to deploy its’ preferred feeding tactic. Having harvested this tongue (intestinal extension) I have tried different solutions to identify the closest approximation occurring in the natural world. By this process I have found that through my virtue of being readily exposed to different kinds of poisons I have developed an immunity and identified the Solanaceae family of plants having the greatest affinity to the creature’s toxin. I have now extrapolated from this information the information to develop a treatment plan that should build up host of immunities similar to that of the undead that need to be expunged from this region. I should be able to harvest some Woody Nightshade from the local flora, but for the final concoction I need to procure through the local traders (cartel?) a small amount (1 ounce dry) of Deadly Nightshade and an uncut stone of red obsidian weighing 1 pound (100 gold?). In order to prepare myself for this final procedure I will have to train myself body and mind. For this I will have to find a waterfall and train (running and body weight?) in the mornings to get used to dealing with the cold.

The road to Caliphas
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