Nirmathas Secrets

Waking Up, and The Second Bloodstone

Session 16

21 Rova 4665 through 30 Rova 4665

Martuph followed Grem’s floating form for a bit of time before realizing his windwalking spell was slower than the current. Eventually he dove into river and allowed that to catch him up. He came upon most of the party washed up along a rock cropping. Here the water was hot and led into a crevice in stone. Grem was pulling unconscious members out of the water before they burned.

Martuph helped get people out and awake. Faydra and Faeron were out of the water, but Tavius hadn’t shown up yet. Martuph saw blood trickling up from below the water’s surface, and went down to check.

Instead of finding Tavius, he found another bleeding canopic jar. Not knowing exactly what it was, but sensing its mixed magics he and Grem pulled it out of the stones it was lodged in. Once Faeron was awake, they knew they had another of the Bloodstones.

Tavius’s form had yet to come downriver, the party was awake and discussing the stone they found. A struggling bird was heard, and looking about Faydra saw a bag in the river. It was Tavius’s bag, and Setius, his falcon, was stuffed in it. Fearing for Tavius now, the party got themselves out of the subterranean ravine and Martuph and Faydra used flight spells to search for Tavius. They found him, he’d hit the side of the cliff several times on the way down. His broken body never made it to the water.

The remaining party returned to Kromaz’s city in mixed morale. They’d defeated Barabus, but at the loss of a friend. When they arrived, they were greeted with cheers and boasts as Kromaz’s clan praised their Chieftan’s shaman-daughter. They also prepared for the coming horde. Darkness had lasted long enough that the order for other orcs to march was given. The horde was marching for human lands, but the Bloodfists would face them. The party wanted to protect the human lands. The Bloodfists just wanted to slaughter the orcs who followed the orders of a dead, weak, coward.

Tesh returned to acquire Tavius’s body for burial, and to help with facing the horde. He stayed until down to his last teleport, which he used to take Tavius to a grove in the fangwood.

The rest of the party, Kromak, Kromaz, Zharog and the strongest of Kromaz’s warriors faced the remaining part of the horde within reach. By this time even Faydra and Martuph were out of massive area spells. The fighting was arrows, and melee. The party and Faydra’s family caught a group of orcs and Trolls at one of the partially built walls. Exhausted, they fought anyway, and still dispatched the orcs and trolls in a few minutes, finally ending the fight within reach of Bloodspring.

A night’s revelry and day’s rest followed, but only that. The party needed to return to Lastwall with the second Bloodstone, and Grask Uldeth had arrived. He wanted the Bloodfists to help him storm Urgir and take hold of the land.

The trip back to Vigil was slow and rather un-eventful. Once there, Faeron told of their journey. They then began what they hoped was a few weeks rest and preparation to find the rest of the stones.

Three days later, Martuph was finally working on his shield in a forge he was requesting time in. He worked on it all day. The last stroke of his hammer, and prayer to Torag rang true. The shield glowed brightly with holy power of Torag. He held it and smiled, but then the light dimmed, and a voice spoke from behind him.

“Sorry about this Ghuz.”

Martuph turned around in time for an arrow already in flight to hit him in the neck. Stunned, unable to breath he began to collapse as a hooded elven woman approached him, bow in hand.

“I know that hurt, but I’ve got to bring you back. The mistress sent me, and said you were lost. Here I find you alive! You must tell me how when we get somewhere safe.”

The last thing Martuph saw was the woman catch him, he felt a dark power heal his wound enough to survive before loosing consciousness.

The party wok on the first of Lamashan late, many slept in, there was no banging of an anvil to wake them.


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