Nirmathas Secrets

Whispering Interference

Session 18

Investigating Martuph’s disappearance led to an abandoned home in Vigil. The outside of the home was well kept, and paperwork showed taxes and upkeep were handled correctly. Once entering the house though, it was obvious from the dust and stale air that it was not actively lived in. Exploring led to a basement room. In the room was evidence of a ritual. There was also a transmutation aura of a teleportation spell. Said spell could not be traced.

The party now need to search for Martuph the hard way. They began preparations to travel. While preparing to leave Tristram Reis found Faydra and informed her that the guard station was questioning a visitor who may have information about Martuph. The two gathered Faeron and met another paladin and Gremalkin on a side street along with another paladin and two hooded figures.

The figures robes classed them as members of Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, and therefore quiet allies of Vigil in the city of Caliphas. The two figures were discussing with the guard that they were sent to inform Vigil that there was evidence that the Whispering Way had acquired one of the Bloodstones.

Unfortunately the members of the order had been killed shortly before arriving in Vigil, and the figures in their robes were morhgs created from their deaths. Once they realized they were in front of members of the group searching for the bloodstones, they attacked. The guard was killed, and Gremalkin was paralyzed in the assault. Faydra, Reis, and Faeron did manage to destroy the undead. Help was summoned, and one of the senior paladins arrived. He inspected the corpses and realized they had been turned less than an hour before arrival. This and their extreme agility in combat meant they could only be made by an ancient creature known as Erum-Hel . This information has put Faydra and Faeron on the road to Caliphas, while Gremalkin recovers from his paralysis and Teshladrel continues to fight the scrying blocks on Martuph.


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