Ahli Hutan

Displaced Human Druid

Ahli Hutan Druid 6 Chronicler 1
CN Male Human (Gozreh)
HP 70 Init. +2
AC 19 (no spells) T 14 FF 17
SAVES F +10 R +8 W +13
INT 14 WIS 18 CHA 12
BAB +4 CMB +4 CMD 16
Ranged Touch Attack +7
DC vs. Spell: 14 + (Spell Level) (+2 if Evocation)

Ahli Hutan was one of the Sky Guardians of the druid councils in Western Chernasardo – that is, before his grove was burned to ashes by the Cheliax forces of Molthune en route to a Nirmathian stronghold.

He used to enjoy the happiness found in aiding those whom the wind blew his way. He did the best any good person could do, and made sure that those who were ignorant of the forest did not provoke the wrath of nature, nor bring accidental harm to the wilds. All that changed a month ago, when the Cheliax army swept through his grove like an evil scourge, pillaging and burning a large swath of forest in order to expedite the movement of their war machines and supply lines. He did what little he could to aid his council in redirecting the voracious army, but the years of skirmishes between the two civilizations in the region had taken their toll on the grove’s defending forces – now, Ahli is the only one of the Sky Guardians.

Upon discovery of the ancient wizard’s tower, and the wondrous discoveries therein, Ahli was conflicted; within his own woods there had been a wealth of knowledge about the old world, and he had never been informed of it’s presence. While in the ruined tower’s depths, he collected all sorts of oddities – least of which was an imp in a bottle, and the greatest of which was the goal of the expedition: The Heart Of Arazni, a “Bloodstone” in lore. And for all of his discovery, Ahli’s mind bent towards hope for discovering more and more… perhaps even discovering a way to end the Blight of Fangwood itself.
“Ahli Hutan” is Malay for “Woodsman”.

After finding the first bloodstone, and recovering the three sisters grove (now the grove of the Phoenix) Ahli focused on keeping the grove intact against the darkblight. (RETIRED)

Ahli Hutan

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