Arazni Seeker

This skeletal mage prowls the world in search of Arazni's Bloodstones.


Of the few intelligent, yet loyal, agents of Arazni, her seekers are prolific. Diviners and other spellcasters who she offered immortality in exchange for finding the Bloodstones, and providing her lesser minions with direction. They take orders from her and the graveknights only.

On the first seeker the party found, there was a journal. Here are a few entries of importance.

Rumors of one of the Lady’s Jars location have spread. I am sent to the forest near her origin to find it.

Others are here, living tongue-less ones, and the Lady’s old enemy. Their minds are focused on a set of ruins somewhere in these woods.

I studied the mind of a tongue-less one today. It seemed convinced one of the Jars was near. I have sent word back to the Lady, she is sending one of her Knights to collect it.



Arazni Seeker

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