Faeron Alan Seabreeze

Half-elf Fighter

Faeron Alan Seabreeze Fighter: 11 XP: 158,200/220,000
ALIGNMENT: C/G Diety: Aerodeb Homeland: Tamran
GENDER: Male SIZE: Medium RACE: Half-Elf

A Half-Elf Male with black hair and green eyes

Init: +7 Senses: Dark-Vision 60ft


AC: 24, Touch: 11, Flat-footed: 23
hp: 163 (D10 + 3)
Fort: 17, Ref: +11, Will: +12 / vs enchant, /3 vs fear
Defensive Abilities: Adaptability, Sleep Immunity, +2 save vs Enchantment, +2 Perception, Multi-Talented


Speed:60ft., Speed with Armor: 60ft

Melee: +1 Returning Longsword ATTACK BONUS: +16 DAMAGE/CRIT: 1D8+4/(17-20 x2)
Melee: MW Cold Iron Longsword ATTACK BONUS: +15 DAMAGE/CRIT: 1D8+4/(17-20 x2)
Ranged: Composite Longbow Str 3 ATTACK BONUS: +14 DAMAGE]/[CRIT: 1D8+5/(20 x3)

Special Attacks: Power Attack, Vital Strike+Mythic Vital Strike, Imp Vital Strike, Cleave, Great Cleave, Mounted Combat, Sudden Strike


Str: 16 (+3);Dex: 13 (+1);Con: 16 (+3),Int: 12 (+1),Wis: 14 (+2),Cha: 14 (+2)
Base Atk: +11; CMB: +14; CMD: +25
Feats: Armor Training (2), Bravery (2), Handle Animal, Improved Init, Power Attack, Cleave / Great Cleave, Eagle Eyes, Shield Focus, Weapon Training (Bow), Vital Strike / Mythic Vital Strike, Imp Vital Strike, Imp Crit, Mounted Combat

Acrobatics: +1 Knowledge (local): +0
Appraise: +1 Knowledge (nature):+0
Bluff: +4 Knowledge (nobility) +0
Climb: +8 Knowledge (planes) +0
Craft (cooking): +10 Knowledge (religion) +1
Craft Linguistics
Diplomacy: +8 Perception: +21
Disable Device Perform
Disguise: +1 Perform
Escape Artist: +1 Profession (soldier): +8
Fly: +1 Profession (fisherman): +10
Handle Animal: +13 Ride: +13
Heal: +2 Sense Motive: +2
Intimidate: +5 Slight of Hand
Knowledge (arcana): Spellcraft:
Knowledge (dungeoneering): +8 Stealth: +1
Knowledge (engineering): +8 Survival: +12
Knowledge (geography) Swim: +9
Knowledge (history): Use Magic Device

Gear [LIST GEAR]; Weight Carried [TOTAL WEIGHT]; GP [GOLD]==


Faeron was born in the city of Tamran to an elven father named Anurin Faerun Seabreaze, and human mother Galina Mayaserana. The youngest of 3 sons he was brought up helping with the family’s fishing trade. He spent most of his youth swimming, playing with friends, and helping his mother around the house. At the age of 10 he began fishing with his father and brothers. As time rolled by he slowly became more and more restless. Faeron wanted more than to see and do more than fish day in and day out. He spent any free time possible reading books or listening to the bards as they came to the city. While he still loves the water and the freedom therein, he could not see himself a fisherman all of this life. Faeron yearned to travel and explore the world. When Faeron was 17 Anurin died in what was called tragic “fishing accident” involving a Molthune ship. While the family of Seabreaze was suspicious about the circumstances of Anurin’s death, no proof to support any misconduct of the Molthune Navy was ever found. A year after his father’s death Faeron left the world of fishing behind. He bid farewell to his mother and brothers to join the Nirmathas army. The army afforded him a new trade to support himself, and also opened new opportunities to see more of the world than the shores of the lake afforded him. While his mother understood her son, and his goals, his brothers were not happy and felt he was turning his back on his family. With harsh words from his brothers, and a kiss from his mother, he set out on his own adventure.

Looking for honor, glory, and adventure, was the purpose of joining the army. Through his training he excelled and became a soldier in the Nirmathas army. The wider world was open to him and he travelled much and saw many things. Eventually battle came to Faeron and his comrades’ company. The romanticized notions of honor and glory were swept away in sea of blood and violence. The blood, gore and screams of comrades and the evil foes were not as he imagined from the eloquently written books and the tales of bards that he knew growing up. While there were some adventured to be had, the price of blood, and violence, and lost comrades began to grow heavy on him. After 3 years Faeron decided to leave the army and take up a less bloody trade. He took up the trade of a merchant caravans guard. Using the training and expertise he acquired in the army he landed many commissions. This helped appease his craving for adventure, and allowed more peace in his heart than that of a life of war and constant violence.

And so Faerun travelled from city to city as a guardsman for merchant caravans. He followed his feet wherever they would take him. He kept his ears alert to the news of the land, and to the next job he could procure. There was the occasional ruffian band of brigands, and the occasional thief, but it was far more peaceful.

Faeron Alan Seabreeze

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