Ghuzmaar, Hammer of Vengance


Ghuzmaar was a dwarven holy warrior in Lastwall before the raid on Geb, he volunteered for the raid in hope that success in Geb would bring him respect among his human compatriots.

In undeath Ghuzmaar is treated well only by Arazni herself, and even that is in a cruel way that only they understand. Ghuzmaar’s hope for respect has been twisted into ambition and a hatred of all things living. He is the first to take on expeditions in Arazni’s name, mostly to gain new strengths and Arazni’s favor.

When he first encountered Faydra, Faren, Alhi, and Tavius, they had already recovered the first bloodstone. They fought fiercely, and destroyed his body. His armor remained intact. The knew of its power, and carried it with them to return to the knights.

A disagreement with the Knights of Ozrem causes conflict, and the armor is left un-attended. Days later Ghuzmaar regenerated, heard the voice of Arazni, and headed in the direction of the party.

Ghuzmaar, Hammer of Vengance

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