Gremalkin Sluaghsealer

Gnomish Crypt Breaker Alchemest

Gemalkin Sluaghsealer Crypt Breaker (Alchemist) 11
Neutral Good Atheist River Kingdoms
Male Small Gnome

Sitting at the bar is an average sized Gnome, so really a short man with sharp features neatly cropped hair and a well manicured beard both of a dark sandy color under his long nose and bright purple eyes. His hands are a patchwork of scars, burns, and various nicks, with fingers covered in fading black speckles from what can be assumed to be ink. His attire is nicely tailored and well kept but it is obvious to have seen some long roads. Upon the back of his chair hangs a harness made of leather covered in pockets full of the tools of his trade, various bottles full of oddly colored tonics and tinctures. He also keeps a peculiar set of weapons leaning against his bar stool considering his stature, there is a weapon that seems to be part pick and part hammer but separated by the weapon’s stout wooden handle as well as finely constructed crossbow.

Init +5; Senses Low-light Vision


AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 17
hp 118 (11d8 + 28 + 8 Mythic)
Fort +10, Ref +11, Will +6
Defensive Abilities +6 vs Poisons, +2 vs Illusion Magic, Trap Sense +3, 50% Fortification, Poison; Cold; Non-Leathal Damage; Paralysis; Sleep Immunity


Speed 20 ft., Armor 20 ft
Melee Piston Maul MW +9/4 (1d8 x2)
Ranged Heavy Crossbow +1 +12 (1d8+1 /19-20x3) 120 ft
Special Attacks Bombs 22/day +13/13/8 6d~+6 (Alkahast Bomb d4/d8(Corporeal Undead/Constructs) Acid), Force Bomb (d4) Directly hit is knocked Prone Ref save DC20) Range 20 ft


Str 10, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 22, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk 7/2; CMB 7; CMD 21
Feats Throw Anything, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Extra Discovery (Preserve Organs), Master Alchemist, Extra Discovery (Fast Bombs), Rapid Shot
Skills Acrobatics+12, Appraise+10, Craft(Alchemy) +35, Craft (Weaponsmith) +15, Disable Device +19, Escape Artist +19, Knowledge (Arcana) +21, Knowledge (Engineering) +10, Knowledge (Nature) +21, Knowledge (Religon) +10, Perception +21, Slight of Hand +12, Spellcraft +20, Survival +10, Use Magic Device +10
Languages Gnomish, Common, Sylvan, Orcish, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Goblin
SQ Master Tinker, Utilitarian Magic + 1 DC to Transmutaion spells cast 1/day Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Unseen Servant DC 10+SL+5, 1/Day, Crypt Breaker’s Draught (+4 Perception, Scent/Darkvision 60ft/Low-Light Vision for 100 min (10 min/lvl))
Discoveries Preserve Organs (2), Precise Bombs, Trap Sense, Force Bombs, Fast Bombs, Mummify Self,
Gear Shifter’s Headband +2 Int (Knowledge-Nature), Belt of Incredible Dex +2, Ring of Protection +1, Bracers of Falcon’s Aim, Studded Leather +2, Traveler’s Any-Tool, Handy Haversack, Hybridization Funnel, Vest of Escape; Expedition Pavilion*Weight Carried* 19 lbs; GP 1202.60


Caster Level +11 Concentration +17 Spell Penetration +11
Extracts 4th. Adjustable Polymorph, Universal Formula, Freedom of Movement 3rd: Haste, Displacement, Cure Serious Wounds, Open Slot 2 2nd: See Invisibility, False Life, Blur, Barkskin, Open Slot 2 1st: Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Cure Light Wounds, Bomber’s Eye 2, Crafter’s Fortune, Jump


Path Trickster Tier 2
Base Mythic Abilities Hard To Kill, Mythic Power (7/day), Surge Dice +1d6, Amazing Inititive
Attack Deadly Throw (EX)
Path Abilities Transfer Magic (SU), Astounding Disable (EX)
Mythic Feats Mythic Throw Anything


22nd of Calistril 4660: I had no idea that Uncle Bittercask had so many connections with the Pathfinders Guild. I am going to have to send him some sort of thank you. And from what I have been over hearing it seems that they are always looking for some good trap springers in their ranks.

6th of Pharast 4660: The Pathfinders seem to have some pretty vast resources. I can probably assume that this is due to the simple fact that most of the members are skilled at extracting relics, artifacts,and all manner of priceless arcane formuli. T believe that this gig is worth sticking with for the time being. And Uncle B was right it has been well worth it to get out from underneath the families’ feet for a time.

9th of Sarenith 4660: Wherever they found that Rough Beast’s testicle of a sell-sword he should be dropped from a screaming griffon’s arse back into Torch’s forge. He should be happy that all he lost was a few fingers, I told him to give me a few minutes to disable that blade trap. Hell’s I have seen better trolls wielding a sword, Gorum’s Chosen my arse.

12th of Abadius 4661: I must say working with Phrasama’s priest was a nice breath of fresh air. Although they seemed to look down upon my interest into the makeup and process by which the flesh golem was crafted. I must figure out how to apply the preserving techniques that were used and weither or not the process can be applied to living flesh.

2nd of Abadius 4662: After perfecting the preservation process on my own flesh. I have recently set off to endeavor if the process can be applied an additional time to a living subject. After multiple missteps and failed attempts it seems as though subject R23 has proven that it is possible. but first I need to see if i can replicate the process across numerous subjects. After this i will apply this process to myself.

18th of Rova 4662: The Druids of Crystalhurst were extremely grateful. The headband they gave me seems to have given me access to an trove hidden memories about the natural realms. It seems as though there have been a steady stream of beings drawn to the area, some of the most notable being a nasty string of undead. I was able to take out the necromancer, her notes and spell book have been very useful in my research.

26th of Rova 4664: Why do these “countries” deem it necessary to restrict the clergy from cleaning up their mess. It seems as though they are trying to cause an uprising of undead. Old Deadeye I am sure is having some issues with what happen there. I was just barely able to get out of there with little more than my wits. I has most definitely become a haunt and unless it they put aside there differences this problem will only become worse with time.

14th of Arodus 4665: For most of the last year I have spent my energies on a futile attempt to convince representatives from both sides of the conflict, but the continue to rebuff my letters and the various pieces of evidence I have procured at great personal peril. Because of this predicament I fear I might have to procure a group of fellow like minded individuals to in removing this issue sometime in the near future.

Gremalkin Sluaghsealer

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