Martuph "Chosen of Torag" Skyhelm

dwarven cleric

Martuph Skyhelm Cleric 9 Evangelist 2 Hierophant 2 155000
lawful good torag highhelm
male medium dwarf

black haired dwarf with two ties in his beard dressed in white chain mail emblazoned with torag’s emblem wielding a warhammer and a heavy shield

Init +3; Senses darkvision 60


AC 24, touch 12, flat-footed 23
hp 104 (11d8 + 19)
Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +15
Defensive Abilities slow and steady, darkvision 60, defensive training, greed, hatred, hardy, stonecunning, aura of good, channel energy 6d6, domains, orisons, amazing init, obediance, skilled, aligned class, protective grace


Speed 20 ft, With Armor 20
Melee warhammer +15/10 (1d8/20 x3)
Special Attacks channel energy 8d6


Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 22, Cha 18
Base Atk 9/4; CMB 15; CMD 22/26
Feats craft magic arms and armor, extra channel, guided hand, selective channeling, faith’s reach, mythic spell casting, water of life, channeled revival, craft reliquary .
Skills ,appraise +2, bluff +2, climb +2, craft armor +11, diplomacy +6, disguise +2, escape artist +1, heal +20, intimidate +2, knowledge religion +18, linguistics +12, perception +25, profession armorsmith +16, sense motive +10, spellcraft +8, survival +20, swim +2
Languages common, dwarven, orcish, elven, abyssal, ancient elven, draconic, sylvan, azlanti, undercommon, terran, infernal, celestial, aklo.
molment of ascension destroying gusmars armor
mythic spells searing ray, cure crit.
SQ special
Gear handy haversack, bedroll, torag’s bible, +3 chain mail, headband of mental prowess +2, phylactery of positive channeling, anvil, warhammer, 30 steel slabs, 10 sunrods, +3 chainmail ; repurposed reliquary shield, Weight Carried 75; GP 1385==


Born the son of a blacksmith a child of Highhelm, a descendant of Azain Skyhelm (formerly Stonespear renamed by Taargick himself) or so my family has been told; I felt the call of Torag during my 12th summer. I put everything of my self into my service to Torag, My lord the all father who raised us from rock and stone; gave us our quest for sky; and protected us in our time of troubles when the vile orcish hordes assaulted our Sky Citadel.

I joined the temple of Torag as a young cleric. i was among five disciples trying to gain entry into the temples service. we spent 2 years serving the temple in many areas. as a scribe, scholar, healer, guard, but it was researcher where my abilities really shine.

As my 15th summer was near its end I was researching, and came across a language I didn’t know. One of the senior librarians told me it was Orvian, and pointedly reminded me that I should keep my studies. This i didn’t understand. Why was knowledge guarded from those who sought it out? This is not Torags path for me, is it? No, he would have me learn all I can to better help his people. So I continued my research, but more secretively. I took scrolls from the library and used a rangers hut in the city to research in private. The ranger didn’t overly mind. I had healed his child for free some years ago and when pressed to repay me I called on him to use his home once a month to research the less than accepted scrolls.

It was during my 21st winter that I was told about some ruins on the edge of orc lands. Being stupid and careless, I ventured into their lands and found the ruins. They were ancient dwarven in design. I went into the ruins. After three days studying the stonework, and searching the ruins I sat down to eat dinner when i was hit by something heavy. As I passed out i saw an orc standing over me laughing.

At first, I thought they were going to kill me; but my being alone and my trying to learn dwarven writings amused the leader. “Don’t you know your own language hahaha.” The leader, Giosh, had the wall crushed and brought to me piece by piece until all of the wall was in my cell. “Read stone and tell………or be buried with stone”. Three years I was imprisoned there.

After three years i was told “You are going to be released….death is a release.” A horrible laugh bellowed out of him. Filled with rage, I rushed him and knocked him down and stomped with everything I could muster into his throat. I grabbed his key and went in search of my gear which they had in a chest just outside my cell. Escape was the only thought I had. As I approached the outside there were two guards. I turned around and started to search for another way. I was hiding from patrol after patrol I heard running water. I searched and found a sewer grate and decided to act. I entered into the dark and saw many things—oozes, rats and small insects running about. I battled my way through the waterways and found the exit into the river, and fled towards the dwarven lands.

I went to the nearest dwarven village and took a bath. I was given the option to be a battle cleric by my “masters”. I gladly accepted, they said I was not meant to be a scribe. I said that is for Torag to decide, and went to find my commander. I stayed in dwarven lands for a few years helping with the army and the various villages.

As the years passed stories of my deeds were widely stretched to being recited in the barracks. One in particular comes to mind. We had advanced into the marshlands by Kerse. While in the area we noticed a party of orcs sneaking through the nearby river. Our commander shouted for us to charge, the idiot. Needless to say it was a trap. A dozen more orcs laid in wait for us. Our party was wiped out. The reason I survived was due to a stupid mistake that Torag felt pity on me for. I swung my hammer when I should have blocked and an orc axe bit into my shoulder, then again into my leg. "This is it. I thought, but a sword came out of the dark and killed the orc.

I woke a full week later “What fresh hell is this?” Not sure if I thought it or said it but from the expressions on the elves looking at me… yes the elves heard. These were the first elves I had ever met. “Umm, where am I?”

“Kyonin” said the man with a look of a soldier “My company found you among the fallen orcs. We were hunting them, they dared to invade elven lands but alas you got pulled into their trap meant for us.” He waited to let it sink in, or maybe not. There it was in his eyes a look of sorrow for victims of war. “I am sorry to say you are the only survivor.”

I looked at him in absolute horror “I must pray for their souls and safe passage into the All Fathers arms.”

After the prayers I witnessed the elves giving their own funeral for the fallen. It was interesting never in all my life had I thought of elves as anything but rangers and druids. There was so much more to them then that. I asked for permission to stay a while and learn from them. The young man I was told was the young prince third from the warleader of the elves. I was given their blessing to learn all I wanted. The demon kin and corrupted minions of the witchbole were making travel difficult anyway. I naturally offered my assistance as a healer.

I woke from a nightmare and the village was quiet. Well, the elven villages are always quiet, but this was different. I began my discipline to Torag and began hammering and shaping a piece of iron shouting his glories, as I was taught. I noticed that when I began there was just me, and after 20 mins there was about fifteen elves watching. I began the cooling process as i finished Torags song of the sun march. As I finished I carved my rune of crafting into this iron helm dwarven made but shaped for an elf. “For your highness, a gift from one friend to another.”

The elf prince looked at it and smiled “Thank you friend dwarf, and take this with my thanks.” He handed me a coin made of ironwood. “That is my token I give to you if you should ever need aid or passage through our lands. All you need do is present this and an audience will be granted to you.”

I was reluctant to move one but I heard from the elves of the humans in lastwall had found dwarven ruins under their new outpost and I felt the need to get there soon. So I departed by boat and came to a place named Three Pines to rest before I cross the humans lands.

So my life has changed a lot in the human lands. I have encountered some pleasant folk, a female ork, a i think he is human i’m not really good with these tall ones, and a obstinate human named Tavias or something like that, and don’t get me started on Tesh…….damned elves. we are in a tavern having a drink. Just stop i’m not saying why my armor is wet i’m not gonna talk about it…….f&^%ing elves. i suddenly felt bad and sure enough a terror walked into town. guismar a undead knight attacked and we fought it and after the battle we destroyed the armor. Power flowed through me and my true life began as a chosen of Torag.

well we went north to ork lands and met an ork army and halted its advance. went to one of the ork camps and what do i learn? the female ork phadra i think her name is, her dad runs it. well we stopped some evil cleric that was in charge of that area and guess who it was. that piece of shit that enslaved me when i was younger. guess who died yep you called it that piece of shit. but after the battle we lost the human Tabias i felt for him and i could of healed him too but the human was Seperated from me. maybe one day i shall be granted a chance to say goodbye a dwarf way face to face.

well i got back to lastwall a human stronghold but at least its walls are made out of stone. it hurt to see the ork buildings i had to teach them brick building. well i made my shield finally and i turn around cause i heard a noise and feel a sharp pain and i blacked out. i awaken naked in a stone room with fire hot liquid on the ground and a stone table in front of me and my hands are bound to it. then in walks an elf.

f@#$ing elves well at least this one is undead well part of her is…….don’t ask. what makes it worse is she thinks i’m guismar ha it would be funny if i wasn’t naked and if i knew where i was. well eventually i convinced her to help me and i sent tesh a message and my friends came for me. now to decide what to do next like sleep maybe.

Martuph "Chosen of Torag" Skyhelm

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