Once a beautiful caretaker, the oldest of three sister dryads, now corrupted by Arlantia's taint


Picealith, who bonded to the spruce in Three Couples Grove, was the oldest of the three Dryads. She convinced her sisters and three sapling treants to move west and north of their grandmother, Arlantia’s, grove. The wandered together, despite illness of separation from their birth-trees. When the youngest of them passed out, Picealith found the meadow alone, and brought them to it to settle down. She said that no one traveling past them should feel weary as they did before bonding to their new trees, and convinced the others to join her in making the meadow a place of rest, relaxation for whoever traveled the wood, and the center of their entertainment when something interesting came their way.

Later, Picealith and the others lost their ability to hear Arlantia. Picealith tried to keep her younger siblings calm, but neither Arlantia nor any other hamadryad’s voice ever met them. Finally Picealith started a trip back towards Arlantia’s grove, only to find Arlantia in person, not two days travel from her sisters.

The corruption happened that night, then the two reentered the grove a few evenings later, and Picealith corrupted the youngest while Arlantia took the middle sister, demons and other creatures attacked the treants as the sun set. The next morning fungal and fiendish growths rooted in the broken wood of the treants, and the shamblers began to move by the next evening.


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