Nirmathas Secrets

The Murder in Skelt
Session 1

Faydra came to Skelt after word that her teacher had been killed. She met Tristram at the Captain’s Helmet and he explained that he’d been sent by as an agent of Lastwall to trade something with Morvius.

When word of the murder reached him, he started his own investigation along side the poorly handled official one. Faydra wants to continue that investigation in the morning.

Faeron Seabreeze was also at the Helmet Between tavern girl gossip, and watching Tristram since his job as caravan guard ended, thought there might be a job opportunity, and followed them to the park the next morning.

Ahli Hutan was in the park, and had observed the item exchange, and following murder from a distance. When he saw Tristram return to investigate with Faydra, he also noticed Faeron following them. He confronted Faeron rather extravagantly. This brought the attention of Tristram and Faydra, and the four conversed about personal interest in the situation.

There is little to no trust between anyone at the moment.


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