Nirmathas Secrets

The Murder in Skelt
Session 1

Faydra came to Skelt after word that her teacher had been killed. She met Tristram at the Captain’s Helmet and he explained that he’d been sent by as an agent of Lastwall to trade something with Morvius.

When word of the murder reached him, he started his own investigation along side the poorly handled official one. Faydra wants to continue that investigation in the morning.

Faeron Seabreeze was also at the Helmet Between tavern girl gossip, and watching Tristram since his job as caravan guard ended, thought there might be a job opportunity, and followed them to the park the next morning.

Ahli Hutan was in the park, and had observed the item exchange, and following murder from a distance. When he saw Tristram return to investigate with Faydra, he also noticed Faeron following them. He confronted Faeron rather extravagantly. This brought the attention of Tristram and Faydra, and the four conversed about personal interest in the situation.

There is little to no trust between anyone at the moment.

The Murder in Skelt
Session 2

After discussing and looking over the scene of the murder. The four went to the guard house to make final statements and look over the body. There they found where Morvius and made way to his room. There they found his personal journal, spellbook, and travelling gear for a wilderness trek.

His journal mentioned that he’d been attacked previously while researching the possible location of the three missing Bloodstones of Arazni . He was trading a warding box for Lastwall’s books to continue his search. He already had information pointing to a set of ruins in the southern region of Fangwood Forrest. He also suspected that a group of necromancers and undead were headed into Fangwood to find it.

Tristram, being his overzealous self, wanted to head for the forest immediately. Clearer heads determined that he should handle getting the warding box to Lastwall first, and all agreed to meet up for the journey later that day.

When it seemed they were ready to begin, an assassin attacked. Fate seemed with the four as the initial attack failed, and the chase began. Faydra caught up the assailant. She was handling herself quite well when Faeron and Ahli joined in. The would-be assassin was down before the guard arrived. Statements were taken, and Ahli snuck off with a hand sketched map leading to a section of sewer.

During the investigation, Ahli and Faydra have begun to respect each other, and while no one truly expects great things out of Tristram, all have realized that he is an ally.

To the sewer
Session 3

The group followed a map discovered on the assassin who attacked them after seeing the guard. Trudging through the sewer involved fighting off sewer rats and animals. As they got closer to the map’s marked location they came across a choker and risen corpses of its victims. This brought them to hidden underground camp.

Three more similarly outfitted assassins were in the camp. Combat was quick and decisive, and a search of them discovered that their tongues had also been cut. The room left them little more to go with. Beyond the head of Morvius and the bag containing the books he’d requested from the Knights of Ozem, they found only evidence of burned papers and food for another week.

They returned to the city’s surface, and met Sergeant Horatio Narsius of Lastwall. He collected the warding box from Tristam, and offered condolences and the service of Colin to continue the Morvius’s search.

To Fangwood
Session 4

After acquiring travel equipment, the group set out for an encampment of Nirmathi rangers. They agreed to avoid roads and go cross-country, this meant the trip would be roughly two full days.

Mid-afternoon of the first day they came across a gnoll hunting party. The gnolls attacked immediately. Corvin, Faeron, and Faydra all took injuries, but not beyond the party’s ability to manage. Alhi decided that tracking the gnoll’s back would be useful. Late evening they were within site of the gnoll campsite, and found gnolls are present.

The Sleeping Places of Adventurers
Session 5

The party snuck into the gnoll camp, and discovered they were keeping goblin slaves. They discussed the situation, and decided it was too late to find some other place to rest far enough from the gnolls camp.

The ambush began with an arrow from Ahli. The gnolls expected any attackers to use light at a much farther distance, and were unprepared. The pack’s leader enlarged himself and struck a powerful blow at Faeron. Faydra also had a potion to enlarge herself, and used it to match the leader’s power.

After striking down the gnolls, there was some discussion about what to do with the freed goblin slaves. Eventually it was decided that they would be let go, but it was made quite clear that any attempt to return to this place would mean death at the hand of Faydra. The goblins took several gnoll corpses with them as food. The party then moved a small distance away for the battle, and made camp in a nearby location.

The next day’s travel was uneventful, they reached the small community surrounding the hunting lodge on Fangwood’s edge late in the evening. The community itself is quite small. Colin requests lodging and drink for the company, and is offered beds and locally distilled whiskey, in gallon jugs. Faydra wasn’t prepared for such strong spirits, and drinks heavily its not long before her and many of the locals are passed out.

The next morning is breakfast and discussion. It seems that the first trading caravan for the year and hunters for the hunting season are not expected for a week. They’re offered hospitality to stay, but Ahli prefers to continue. They hire a man to continue with them, and return to the lodge with a report if anything happens.

A Dryad in the Hand...
Session 6

Djim, the hired hand from the thorpe of Woodsocket, led the party into the hunting grounds of Fangwood forest. He conversed with one of the other locals about the most probable location of the ruins – rumored to be the resting place of a Bloodstone. After several hours of trudging through the difficult terrain, the group was taken by surprise at the sound of a vomiting dryad at their flank.

Ahli took initiative to deal with the fey creature, who seemed unnaturally ill. He assured her that the group he traveled with was no harm to the woods while under his watch, and asked if he could be of assistance to her. She divulged that she’d been driven from her tree by the Darkblight in the northern region which is quickly spreading throughout Fangwood. Ahli used a spell to help her bare and endure the affects of separation from her tree, and inquired about her plan to survive. She said there was a new tree to bond with, but two of “those who walk again” were preventing her from beginning the ritual.

The party agreed to drive off the pestilent Skeletal Trolls, and watch over her during the bonding period. While resting that night after the combat, Feydra was surprised by a Skeletal Mage, and their combat caught the forest on fire. Ahli awoke to the sounds of combat and brushfire – an all too familiar and overwhelming experience for him. Whilst the other two delt with the mage, Ahli frantically worked to extingquish the flames before they could spread further, or worse, damage the dryad’s tree during the bonding ritual. When the mage and it’s fires had been expelled, Ahli meticulously inspected the Dryad’s tree and stayed up the rest of the night on watch… by no means would he lose this small assembly of acquaintances to the same fate which claimed his entire grove and druid circle just months ago.

Into the darkblight
Session 7

After seeing to the Dryad, she thanked them and offered instructions to the ruins and rest. The party then set further into the forest.

Come midday they found a caravan under attack by more undead forces. The druid joined the battle rather indiscrimantly, bringing down stones on all combatants. The rest of the party moved in and assited the guard with the remaining skeletal mage.

Once the battle was over, and the druid finished posturing with the guard, they discovered this was one of the caravans headed for Woodsocket. Colin and Jim offered to escort the caravan back. They convinced Sa’ar, the man with the caravan, to join them. He knew more about the Bloodstones, and reenforced the severity of their quest.

They came to the river described by the dryad, and started to make their way upriver. The blight on the forest had begun its spread down river though. They were attacked by vegypigmies, the fungal corrupted humanoids.

Now they must move upriver, deeper into the corruption.

"Bad Company" in the Darkblight
Session 8

The party continued its journey into the depths of Fangwood by the directions given to Ahli in return for assisting the dryad. As they ventured, they encountered the foul tainted creatures warped and produced by the blight, and were victorious. Ahli used his affluence with the woodlands to obscure the campsite from detection, keeping the party safe from all the things that lurk in the night.

As the adventurers came to the fork in the river – the final landmark that leads to the ruins – they encountered another skeletal mage. This one, however, was differently garbed and equipped than the previous undead seen in the Darkblight. His attire and coins identified his origin in Geb – the land of the dead. Feydra found a journal, revealing that Arazni’s forces are in the area in search of the Bloodstones. It seems that the party is about to have company…

“Dead Company” (Ballad of the Skeletal Mage)

Company, always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh, I was born spellbook in my hand
Behind the book I’ll make my final stand
That’s why they call me

Dead company
And I can’t deny
Dead company
’Til the day I die,
Or, ’til the day they die
’Til the day I die again.

"Terminal Destination"
Session 10

Feydra, Ferron, and Ahli managed to navigate to the ruinous tower suspected to house one of the Bloodstones of Arazni. Together, they deposed the two assassin scouts guarding the entrance. it was a bloody battle, as the opponents demonstrated prowess and accuracy in their ranged attacks from the trees. However, they were no match for the burning ferocity of Feydra’s wrath, and Ferron’s wit.

Ahli had hoped that one of the scouts had been in the ruins already, but the results of his gory spell revealed only lesser trinkets hidden throughout the exterior campsite. Ahli searched the outer perimeter of the tower, and identified only one entrance on the ground floor. The party then took the time to gather loose stones from the rubble, and Ahli used his magical prowess to seal the entrance shut to that the group might enjoy a safer evening.

That night, the group was disturbed by a roaming band of Sprites. With some measure of consternation, the party managed to scare most of them off without causing lethal afflictions.

An ancient home
Sessions 11 and 12

The party entered the tower the next morning. They quickly found the stairs to the rooms underground. They explored the rooms of the first level to discover the compounds original owner was a collector and fond of construct servants and guardians. After conflicts with golems, clockworks, and a vermin infestation, they discovered art, literature, and magical equipment from before the death of Aroden. They also came across the body of one of the assassins who fell victim to the defenses of this place.

The second level proved to be a collection of even older treasures and tests. Each room was a shrine to a faith who the designer revered, two were of Pharisma and Desna, but aspects of them that are rarely the focus today. The other were of two gods that died with the Azlanti empire during earthfall.

The party now waits to enter the final test room before entering what they hope to be the resting place of a bloodstone.


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