The Death of Morvius Wardroxen

Morvius Wardroxen, Magi of Nirmathas, was to meet Tristram Reis to trade items with Lastwall. He was slain after the trade was made, by persons as yet unknown.

Ahli Hutan saw the murder, but what he saw only tells of how, not why or who. He saw that Morvius was beheaded, and not only was the trade item stolen, but the head was taken as well.

Faydra Wardroxen, Morvius’s student, and Reis are looking for more information.

Faeron Alan Seabreeze, a former member of the Nirmathas Army, followed Faydra to the scene on her first day of investigation. Ahli spotted him and brought Feydra and Reis’s attention to Faeron and himself.

The Death of Morvius Wardroxen

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