Nirmathas Secrets

Date 6 Rova 4665

Martuph Skyhelm and Teshladrel : Martuph and Teshlandrel spent the last leg of their travels from Kyonin on the same small lake-ship. Teshladrel came to the last meal on boat late, and had to sit across from Martuph. The conversation was… interesting. A few hours later, the ship arrived at Three Pines Ford.

Teshladrel was in the front of the line to depart. He was already thinking about the poor looking town he could see from the pier. Just before the seaman removed the rope and allowed departure, Teshladrel felt the ill-mannered belch of Martuph against his robes. He cast a minor spell to clean himself, which the dwarf found amusing. In an attempt to continue their mental jousting, Martuph smacked Teshlandrel on the back “Lady’s First”.

Teshlandrel responded with a second spell, invisibility, and stated “Forgive me, I didn’t realize my rudeness you are quite right miss dwarf.”

Martuph didn’t take this lightly, and knowing roughly where the elf was, attempted to grab him and jump off. He missed Teshlandrel by no more than a few inches, and went over alone.

“That will show you to respect your elders, and bathe.” Teshlandrel responded as he walked down the plank.

“Point to you.” Was Martuph’s response.

Later that same evening, Teshlandrel sat at the only empty tavern table in Three Pines. It wasn’t much later that Martuph joined him at the table; this time with Tavius along side. The verbal sparing continues, and slowly Faeron, Faydra, and gnome by the name of Gremalkin joined them. Food and drink was severed, more verbal sparing was mixed with eating, and at the end of the meal the Dwarf moved to call it a night.

As Martuph stood, a horrid feeling fell over him, and the others. Heavy, armored footsteps were audible over the crowd, despite being from outside. It was then that several of the new formed party caught sight of a creature out the window. Faeron recognized it as Ghuzmaar, returned from destruction and here to take the Bloodstone.

The party warned everyone still in the tavern to leave out the back. Ghuzmaar entered, and spells were flung. Ghuzmaar shrugged off a holy spell from Martuph. Ghuzmaar cast at Martuph, only to have his spell thwarted as well. Then Ghuzmaar took the brunt of spells from Faydra and Teshlandrel. He fell once again into a pile of armor.

Faydra, Faeron, and Tavius explained some of their history with Ghuzmaar, and that they did not know of a way of truly destroying him. The went to check on the rest of the town while Martuph, Teshlandrel, and Gremalkin studied the armor. It was then that Martuph remembered the story of another dwarven graveknight, and a ritual that broke his armor. Teshlandrel remembered reading about it as well. He set about his personal books and began looking for the reference, and found not only a reference, but a description of the ritual.

He provided the group with the description. The next day they set about preparing.


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