Nirmathas Secrets

1 Lamashan 4665


The party discovered Martuph’s disappearance mid-morning. After working with the Knights guard and speaking with Tesh, they attempted to scry on Martuph. That scry is being blocked. The best they could get, even with rituals to increase the strength of the scry, was a south-westerly direction. Some investigation of the auras near the abduction led them to a building with a secret basement. This basement room had ritual markings they didn’t recognize.

Martuph and Tessara Ilverazto
Martuph woke in a room, chained to a table carved out of the stone floor, surrounded by mystical symbols involving a rapier and lotus. At first he accused this of being a nasty joke by Tesh. He began repeating the demand that Tesh let him loose. At some point in his rambling he asked why he was here.

Tessara, his captor, entered the room, “Because you’re alive.”

She began asking if he remembered her, or how he became alive. Martuph didn’t understand and answered sarcastically. Eventually her anger overpowered her calm. Tessara screamed at him and used her blast to shock him. She left the room for a day.


Notsonoble Notsonoble

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