Nirmathas Secrets

The group woke from their dreams upon destroying Ghuzmaar. Each with a lot to think about. The fragment of Ghuzmaar’s cleansed soul gave them hints on how to fight one more of the graveknights, and Arazni herself. Faydra, Tavius, and Faeron explained more of their encounters with undead, and other creatures in the last few weeks. Tesh, Grem, and Martuph all agreed that they would join the party hunting down these bloodstones.

They rested, restocked, and prepared to head for Vigil. They turned north fairly quickly and re-entered the Fangwood. However, it wasn’t long at all before they ran across group of orcs. A hunting party this deep into civilized territory was cause for alarm, but before they could really determine what was going on, the orcs attacked.

One orc was still alive after the short skirmish. Tavius began a very… intense… questioning, only for the orc to drag him down into a wrestling match. Faydra used her scythe to remove the orc from Tavius, the orc proceeded to explain.

“Kromaz, that old orc is no stronger than you pink skins, we no longer follow him! Barabus leads us now, and his right hand Murshofan will bring a darkness to this land. Then we’ll strike you all down.”

Tavius who mentioned Kromaz asked, “Why do you call him weak?”

The orc pointed at Faydra “Look in front of you! He’s dumb enough to breed with pink skins!” before the orc could continue, Faydra beheaded him.

At this point, Tavius admits that Kromaz and his clan was the raiding clan who destroyed his home. Faydra admits that Kromaz is her birth father. After some tension, Faydra insists that if something odd is going on such that Barabus is in charge, then they need to see whats going on in Belkzen right away.

Later that day, the party thwarted a goblin ambush, Faydra barely slowed down to scorch, shock and slice the annoyance.


Notsonoble Notsonoble

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