Nirmathas Secrets

"Security Detail Acquired"

Session 3 - Postview

8 Rova, 4665

Field Operations Report: Second Entry.
Classification: Research Contingent.

The world outside of the Academy moves at a much faster pace than I remembered and observed it. Within the last forty-eight hours, I have managed to make acquaintance with a small band of companions on an intriguing quest. Their number is but less than a half-dozen, but well experienced and highly mobile: a perfect retinue of security for my field operations. Several of their members are engaged in some sort of vendetta against Arazni, the queen of Geb. Our meeting was on account of their conflict with her undead forces; one of her minions, Ghuzmaar, a graveknight, managed to slay the watchmen of Three Pines Ford and walk openly into the inn of my residence. This band prepared to fight, and one among them gave the call to clear the inn. I quickly assessed through the window the undead abomination, the location of the front door, and the absence of bystanders. When the graveknight entered the room, I executed the standard procedure for undead combat with a fireball which finished off the creature. Following the precedent for destruction of a graveknight as recalled from my father’s research, the band and I destroyed the armor that served as a phylactery for Ghuzmaar.

After the ceremonial experience, we departed for Lastwall’s northern hold of Vigil, where a handful of the party’s members hope to obtain more information about the nature of Arazni’s canobic jars, known as bloodstones, and how to use them… wisely, I hope. I feel inspired to accompany them long enough to discern their anthropological governance, and then propose a contract of security detail to them for my research. Alas, I have no capital to barter with (which may or may not be crucial for two members), and no items of interest to negotiate with the others. I suppose my tethering to their ‘quest’ will provide the necessary resources better than I could obtain on my own.

Time will tell if there is anything I can learn about my father and his research in the kingdom of Lastwall… perhaps there will be better leads in Vigil than in Three Pines Ford. If not, I shall have to abandon this party there, and set out for Gorcha Pass – security detail, or no detail.


Notsonoble Antininus

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