High Elf Wizard Archmage

TESHLADREL Universalist Wizard (9) Archmage (Tier 2) [XP]
True Neutral Calistria Kyonin
M Medium Elf


Init +9; Senses Low-Light Vision


AC 14 (22 w/spells), touch 14, flat-footed 12
hp 75 (10d6 + 10, +6 Mythic HP)
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +10
Defensive Abilities Immune to Sleep; +2 vs. Enchantment spells or spell like ability effects


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Quarterstaff +4 (1d6/x2)
Ranged Mtrwk. Longbow +7 (1d8/x3)
Special Attacks Hand of the Apprentice: Quarterstaff +11 (1d6+0), 30 ft. (10 /day)


Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 24, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 11
Scribe Scroll, Improved Initiative, Silent Spell, Spell Penetration, Craft Wondrous Item, Greater Spell Penetration, Spell Focus (Evocation), Selective Spell
Mythic Feats
Mythic Spell Lore (Fireball, Ice Storm)
Appraise (+11), Craft:Jewelry (+12), Disguise (+5), Fly (+11), Knowledge (all) (+15), Linguistics (+13), Perception (+10), Spellcraft (+22), Stealth (+9)
Common, Elven, Sylvan, Draconic, Gnome, Orc, Celestial, Abyssal (L), Infernal (L), Goblin (L)
Mythic Path Abilities
Archmage: Wild Arcana, Energy Conversion, Flexible School (Divination)
Headband of Vast Intelligence +4, Lesser Rod of Metamagic: Maximize, Invisible Signent Ring (Bonded Item), Invisible Spell Pouch, Noble’s Outfit with Jewelry (175gp value), Masterwork Longbow w/20 Arrows, Quaterstaff, Spellbook, Amulet of Natural Armor (1), Cloak of Resistance (1)
Weight Carried [TOTAL WEIGHT]
GP 78

Spell List:

5th Teleport x2, Cloudkill
4th Ice Storm x2, Mythic Ice Storm, Greater Invisibility
3rd Fireball x2, Mythic Fireball, Haste, Tiny Hut
2nd Scorching Ray x 2, Invisibility, Blur, Cat’s Grace, Bull’s Strength
1st Detect Undead, Burning Hands x2, Expeditious Retreat, Enlarge Person, Feather Fall
0 Disrupt Undead, Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic


Commencement Turned Convocation

Since his adolescence, Teshladrel was fascinated by the exceedingly long lifespan of his elf-kind in comparison to the younger races. That fascination never waned, and so his life’s pursuit is an “age-old” quest to discover the secret of immortality itself. (See Ultimate Magic for Arcane Discovery: Immortality).

Teshladrel comes from a long family line of wizards trained in the universal art of the arcane. His great-great-great-grandfather propelled the family namesake by proposing a theory that immortality was not only possible, but attainable by arcane means alone – no ascent into godhood, nor the uglier arts of necromancy, nor the lesser vocation of divine magic would be necessary. In order to become immortal, one must embrace all of the arcane, in study and in philosophy. Logically then, Teshladrel and his forefathers were all forced to attend arcane academy.

Teshladrel was groomed to take his father’s place as the Academy Instructor of General Studies. His father had researched the pre-mortality elements of the lich ritual to understand the arcane role of the complex transition from life to undeath. His research became an obsession, to the point of attempting to detain an actual lich for interrogation. His father died at the hands of a lich in the Hungry Mountains of Ustalav. Teshladrel reluctantly took his father’s place in the academy, and served for several decades as a faculty member. He used his time wisely to research and prepare for a quest of his own upon retirement: locate his father’s remains and return them to the resting place of his forefathers.

There were several places that Teshladrel’s father wrote about as potential sites for “procurement” of a dreaded lich, but only one was circled in the notes he left behind in his home office: “GHORCHA PASS”. So, Teshladrel paid homage to Calistria for the opportunity to seek revenge upon those responsible for his father’s death, and boarded a ship bound for the Western shores of Lake Encarthan, to the port town of Three Pines Ford…


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