Tessara Ilverazto

The blue glow from her arrow tip illuminates her charred face and crackling eyes

Tessara Arrow of Blasphamey CR 13 MR2
Agile Arcane Elven Gravenight Anti-Paladin (Profane Hunter) 9 XP 25,600
Medium undead (augmented) CE

Mythic Power 1d6 7/day

Init +25/+5; Senses darkvision 60 ft
Aura Aura of Evil, Sacrilegious Aura (30 ft., DC 16); Aura of Care


AC 28, touch 18, flat-footed 20 (+5 Dex, +3 Dodge, +4 Natural + 6 Armor)
hp 146 (9d10 + 36 + 20)
Fort +10, Ref +11, Will +13
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4; DR 10/magic; Immunity to cold and electricity; spell resistance 24; unholy resilience


Speed 60 ft., Armor 60ft
Special Attacks Channel Destruction, Devastating Blast (6d6 Electricity DC 18), Undead Mastery

Attack Bonus Damage/Crit Range Notes
mwk longsword +15/+10 1d8+7/19-20x2
Lifestinger +16/+11 1d8+6 +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Lifestinger Rapid Shot +14/+9/+14 1d8+6 +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Lifestinger vs Human +18/+13 1d8+2d6+6 +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Lifestinger vs Human Rapid Shot +16/+11/+16 1d8+2d6+6 +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Lifestinger with Smite +20/+16 1d8+10 +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Lifestinger w/Smite & Rapid Shot +18/+14/+18 1d8+10 +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Lifestinger with Unholy +16/+11 1d8+6 + 2d6 profane +2d6 electricity/x3 110ft +Point-Blank Shot
Anti-Paladin Spells CL 5 Spell Pen +9
Name Effect DC
Protection From Good +2 AC and Saves and additional protections vs good creatures
Inflict Light Wounds 1d8+5 14
Death Knell Kills dying creature for bonuses 14
Eagle’s Splendor +4 CHA 5 min
Bull’s Strength +4 STR 5 min
Simple Arcane Spellcasting Spells CL 9 Spell Pen +13 all 1/day Spell Failure 15%
Name Effect DC
Abundant Ammunition Replaces nonmagical ammunition every round.
Inflict Light Wounds 1d8+5 14
Death Knell Kills dying creature for bonuses 14
Eagle’s Splendor +4 CHA 5 min
Hold Person Paralyze 1 humanoid for 5 rounds 15

Lifestinger +1 Adaptive Bane Human Composite Longbow
Special Attacks Smite Good 2/day (+4 attack and AC, +9 damage) Channel Destruction (+2d6 electricity to attacks with imbued weapon), Fiendish boon (Lifestinger gains unholy), Devastating Blast (30ft cone 6d6 Electricity DC 18), Undead Mastery


Str 20, Dex 20, Con —, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 18
Base Atk +9/+4; CMB 14; CMD 29
Feats Precise Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Weapon Focus Longbow, Rapid Shot, Snap Shot, Improved Snap Shot, Dodge, Many shot, Mobility, Shot on The Run

Acrobatics: [+#] Knowledge (local): [+#]
Appraise: [+#] Knowledge (nature): [+#]
Bluff: [+#] Knowledge (nobility): [+#]
Climb: [+#] Knowledge (planes): [+#]
Craft ([CRAFT]): [+#] Knowledge (religion): +13
Craft ([CRAFT]): [+#] Linguistics: [+#]
Diplomacy: [+#] Perception: +15
Disable Device: [+#] Perform: [+#]
Disguise: [+#] Perform: [+#]
Escape Artist: [+#] Profession ([PROF]): [+#]
Fly: [+#] Profession ([PROF]): [+#]
Handle Animal: [+#] Ride: [+#]
Heal: [+#] Sense Motive: [+#]
Intimidate: [+#] Slight of Hand: [+#]
Knowledge (arcana): [+#] Spellcraft: +13
Knowledge (dungeoneering): [+#] Stealth: +16
Knowledge (engineering): [+#] Survival: [+#]
Knowledge (geography): [+#] Swim: [+#]
Knowledge (history): [+#] Use Magic Device: [+#]

SQ Detect Good, Smite Good, Precise Shot, touch of corruption, unholy resilience, cruelty, plague bringer, channel negative, fiendish boon, distant cruelty, aura of care, 2nd cruelty, anti-paladin spells, ruinous revivification, phantom mount, simple arcane spellcasting, dual initiative, mythic magic
Gear +1 Adaptive Bane Human Longbow, +1 Dastardly Mithral Scale Mail, Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, 3 potions inflict serious wounds, 1 scroll teleport; Weight Carried [TOTAL WEIGHT]; GP [GOLD]==


Tessara was perhaps the most resistant to Geb’s conversion. As such, she was tortured to near insanity multiple times. Once Geb decided what to do with Arazni’s body, he decided to use the still alive Tessara for one last experiment. He finished breaking her mind, and rebuilt it in ways he felt would suit her as a new graveknight of his future queen.

Tessara is quite insane, internally fighting between her living and unliving ambitions. This internal struggle is visible in her interaction with other graveknights, and citizens of Geb. Only her loyalty to and hero-worship Arazni both before and after death keeps her focused. Her loyalty to Arazni is unbreakable, but her insanity still fights with which Arazni she should be loyal to. In Arazni’s presence she can not be swayed.

Tessara’s change wasn’t quite what Geb wanted, but it was close enough that he was able to perfect the ritual that made Arazni. Tessara retained much of her divine hunter abilities, albeit corrupted heavily. The attempts to re-write her mind with arcane abilities only succeeded in allowing her to use arcane items, and the simplest of arcane spells.

In life, there was once a relation ship between her and Ghuzmarr. Part of her living mind wants that back, along with life in general. Her dead side corrupts that love into a hateful demand of dominance. The graveknight wished to rule her former lover’s unlife.

Tessara Ilverazto

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