Nirmathas Secrets

The depths Barabus went

Sessions 12-15

21 Rova 4665
The party followed Kromaz’s men to a back entrance to the ruins Barabus was exploring. The first level contained orcs, ogres and gnolls that were trading with Barabus. Dispatching a few of them allowed the party to move through the first section. As they moved through Faydra and Martuph examined carvings and paintings. Many are damaged, but enough was there for Martuph to recognize ruins as the location described in the texts he translated under duress for the orcs who captured him at a younger age.

This enraged Martuph, he charged into the next section almost blindly, but the true blindness of the new environment slowed him. The area was dark beyond his extraordinary ability to see, with only blackness and strange constellations hovering in view. The party examined the first room they entered. They found that spells to bring light were instantly suppressed. The walls, floor and ceiling were made to make the blackness seem infinitely expansive to those close enough to see it. Contact with the walls allowed spell-casters to hear that ritual magic was used to keep the rooms dark and mist filled. One room had a few orc mystics expanding the ritual.

Combat with the mystics lead to Martuph using a silence spell, which broke down the magic coming from the walls long enough to see and fight the mystics. Grem and Faeron moved to another room during combat. The range of the silence spell allowed them to see a statue to some ancient cult. They destroyed it, this broke the ritual for a large section of the second level. The party was able to navigate the second level after this and find the way to the third.

The third level was a single space. A room leading to a cave opening deep in a large cavern. Further down the cavern was a fast flowing river, up the cavern wall lead to the surface. A large model of the star system was there, and so were more mystics, Barabus, his darkness infused shaman Murshofan, and two shadows of ancient human sorcerers. Barabus and his guard engaged the party, and the sorcerers and Murshofan kept the ritual going until it was at its climax. They then joined the fray as the remaining mystics began to sacrifice themselves. Once the orcs and shadows were defeated Faeron and Faydra attempted to stop the sacrifices, and martuph smashed the magic infused model. This stopped the ritual, but released huge amounts of raw magical energy, and brought the cave down around them. The only way to survive was to jump, and hope the river was deep enough to break their fall. Many lost consciousness, only Grem and Martuph made it down awake.


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