The Graveknights of Arazni

When the Knights of Ozem sent six knights to Geb to in an attempt to bring down its lich ruler. They failed horribly. Geb himself took offense to the arrogant act, and responded in kind. He brought back the broken Knights as Graveknights, and sent them back. They returned to Vigil and stole the preserved remains of Arazni.

By the time the Knights could gather and head to Geb to reclaim her remains, they found her as a risen desecration, the Harlot Queen. She was also protected by the Graveknights who claimed her, the seven unleashed horrors on the Knights of Ozem. Only a few broken men and women returned, some brought with them canopic jars containing organs of Arazni. Most carried stories of her and her new guardians, the six Gravenights.

Bhedlis, Fallenstag, Ghuzmaar, Ilverazto, Yhalas, and Barronmor continue to server their risen patron, as protectors and leaders of her forces in search of the Bloodstones.

Name Race Element Hint
Ghuzmaar Dwarf Acid Gather the bloodstones at the original resting place of Arazni

The Graveknights of Arazni

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