The Sundering of Thirrak

The Dwarf Graveknight Thirrak’s armor was destroyed in a process described below, it is possible this ritural could destroy Ghuzmaar as well.

1) A follower of Torag and at least one other who defeated Thirrak must use Thirrak’s weapon to forge a warhammer of excellent quality from items belonging to those Thirrak killed.

2) An altar must be placed at the center of a space concectated to Torag. The altar must be large enough to hold Thirrak’s armor. The space must be large enough for the people last involved in combat to meditate.

3) The faithful must alternate between calling Torag’s power down on the armor, and striking it with the warhammer. Others who defeated Thirrak must meditate. A mage of some skill must observe the auras of the armor and the faithful. When they match, an arcane spell for harming only undead must be cast on the armor. This may happen several times.

4) At some point the hammer will shatter. This caused “A blinding flash of light” to the scribe who wrote his observations. When he could see again, the everyone in the ritural was unconscious, but the armor was brittle and easily smashed with a fist. The graveknight was no more.

The Sundering of Thirrak

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